7 types of People you’ll meet this Valentine’s Day

14th February, the most awaited day of the year for all the lovebirds. The day of roses, chocolates, and cards. And also the day that singles mourn.

We bring to you a very Pakistani version of Valentine’s day and the people you will be coming across this year.


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This is the most overrated day of the year and you will get to see unique people roaming the streets of Pakistan. One of them is the overwhelmed lover, who will ask every breathing soul to be their valentine in fear of being alone or just to show off.


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This is the one recently had a breakup. They put up a fake smile for the world to see. However, they wish they did not exist in this inhuman world. You’ll find them at home eating chocolates by themselves.

The Anti-Valentine

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These are the ones who cannot get a valentine. And since they cannot celebrate it they believe no one else should celebrate it either.

Ijtamai Celebration

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This is the person who wishes everyone Valentines day. Happy Valentine’s day Nani Jan, Happy Valentine day Abbu. From friends to Khalas, and Puphos, this person has a big list.

The Cant-Get-Their-Hands-Of-Off-Each Other Couple

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Let’s admit this is the most annoying couple. You see them together all the time, They post every detail on social media, making sure no one is left out. These are the ones who celebrate Valentines to the fullest.

The Match-Maker 

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This is the friend we all turn to when facing relationship troubles. They are also the Cupid of the group. They remain single themselves but play the role of Rishtay wali Aunty.

The Red-Signals

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Red tie? Red lipstick? Red dupatta? Beware of the signals you receive this Valentines. These are the ones who will not miss a chance to let you know, It’s Love Day.