6 Pakistani Celebrities- Before And After Cosmetic Surgery

With the increasing competition rising in the film and TV industry our actors and actresses feel the need to compete in all aspects. One of the reasons why many of them are opting plastic surgeries to stay young and long in the industry.

Here is a list of 6 Pakistani actresses who underwent the knife just to look a little extra beautiful on the screen.

Mahwish Hayat

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Mahwish Hayat’s surgery was a blessing to us all. Never have we seen such good results of a cosmetic surgery. We have got to admit she looks a lot prettier after she went under the knife.


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Film Star Noor had done a NoseJob which gives a lot more definition to her face.

Vaneeza Ahmed

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Vaneeza had also done rhinoplasty and you can see the difference how it makes her features more prominent. She also got rid of the double chin.

Nadia Hussain

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Sadia Imam

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Sadia Imam’s cosmetic surgery is quite prominent. However, the lips are roughly done and it makes her face look broader.

Sarah Loren

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Sarah Loren had the same Mahwish Hayat’s amazing transformation effect. We’re assuming they have the same doctor.

However, we love both the beauties and how well their cosmetic surgeries have turned out to be.