5 Top Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

  1. Jehan Ara

The owner of PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) is the very talented Jehan Ara. The organisation partners with multinational and international companies to provide the customers with the best software products. Jehan Ara has an experience of 30 years along with a degree in marketing, communication and media. This young entrepreneur is also a motivator, speaker and a writer.

  1. Sabeen Mahmud (Late)

The owner of T2F (The Second Floor) Sabeen Mahmud was an epitome of peace and love. T2F café was launched by Peace Niche (a nonprofit organisation also started by Sabeen Mahmud) the reason for the existence of this café was to resolve political issues through cultural engagements. However, this talented lady became the victim of an open fire by a gunman near the DHA library while she was returning home from a seminar.

  1. Salma Jafri

Content marketing is now gaining huge success and fame in Pakistan. One of the most successful content marketers is Salma Jafri.  Salma is the founder and CEO of WordPL.net, an organization that focuses on providing the best marketing and blog content to the customers. Along with content writing the company also offers marketing consultations.

  1. Kalsoom Lakhani

Kalsoom is the founder of ‘Invest2Innovate’ also known as I2I. The main aim of her startup is to introduce investors to innovators and emerging entrepreneurs. She strongly believes that the budding entrepreneurs have the power to change the world.

  1. Saba Gul

This young entrepreneur is the founder of Popinjay. A nonprofit organisation that urges artists to showcase their talents by making handbags and different arts n crafts accessories. Saba Gul’s company particularly hires women artists’, they provide them with practical training, grooms their talents and give them a platform to show their art to the world.