5 Lollywood Tragedies and Sultan Rahi

Just like any other successful film industry, Lollywood also has its dark and mysterious secrets hidden deep under a pile of fame and glamour. These mysteries are nothing less than an episode of Criminal Minds. Unsolved murders, honor killings and suicides once rose to extreme media coverage and caused quite a stir but now they are nothing but hushed whispers forgotten tragedies.

Let’s take a look at some of the ill-fated deaths in Lollywood:

  1. Sultan Rahi

The legendary actor, Sultan Rahi worked in more than 703 films. He was a dedicated actor took great pride in his work. Sultan won 160 awards in his acting career. His famous movies include; Maula Jutt, Wehshi Gujjar, Sher Khan, Basheera and Sharif Badmash.

On January 9th, 1996 Sultan Rahi was murdered while returning from Islamabad. Rahi became a victim of an open fire near Gujranwala. He was then moved to DHQ hospital where he took his last breaths.

  1. Nannah

Rafi Khawar widely known as Nannah was famous for his comic role in PTV’s first comedy show, Alif Noon.

Irrespective of Sultan Rahi and Rangeela in the film industry, Nannah was still able to create a name for himself. His roles in Dubai Chalo and Pehlwan became super hit among his fans.

This happy go lucky comedian left the whole film industry mourning on June 2nd 1986. Nannah was discovered in his room surrounded by a pool of blood. Up to this day Nannah’s suicide is still an unsolved mystery.

  1. Andaleeb

Andaleeb was casted in the movie Goonghat (1996) directed by Syed Noor. The movie became a massive hit and Andaleeb rose to fame for her outstanding acting skills.

At that time Andaleeb was reportedly dating Hanif Ghuman, an industrialist from Sialkot, but soon lost interest in him. In search of revenge Hanif threw acid on the actress’s face. However Andaleeb went through extensive plastic surgeries and is now happily living her life away from the spotlight.

  1. Niggo

Niggo was considered the ‘item girl’ of her time. She was an attractive actress and soon landed roles in tons of Punjabis movies. She was famous for her signature ‘Mujra’ moves and excellent dance skills.

This young actress faced her death by shots fired by a revengeful husband. Her husband later completed his sentence and died a natural death at his residence.

  1. Marvi

Marvi was one of the few actresses who made it big in Lollywood in a very short time. Her last film, Marvi with Faisal Qureshi was a huge hit and she gained large popularity. However fate had something else in mind

This talented actress was shot by an ex-lover near Tariq Road on August 25th 1998.