4 reasons Why Mann Mayal Failed to Entertain the Audience

When Mann Mayal’s first promo went on air, it raised huge expectations and hopes among the audience. No doubt it was loaded with star studded cast and the script seemed strong in the promo. Right after few episodes this drama aced the rating charts and said to be one of the most watched dramas of this season. The sweet and euphonious love story gripped the audience and gained more viewership.

But Alas, it didn’t last longer, soon the sweet teacher-student love story turned into the biggest disappointment of the season. Even a lay man could point out the glaring flaws in the drama. The writer took 360 degrees turn and ruined the script completely after first ten episodes. Let’s start with the obvious reasons which made this drama an epic disappointment.



The cry baby character-

Drama was going all good until the lead lady Manno turned into a cry baby and bored us all with her non-stop sobbing scenes. The main role of the play was portrayed too weak; a girl from 21st century who couldn’t make her own decisions, later in the play a mother of two kids who couldn’t travel alone. Manno’s parents were vanished once she got married and only her ex-boyfriend Salahuddin seemed to care for her and provide her shelter when she was on roads.



The lame-stalker ex-boyfriend character

Salahuddin the lead hero was an extremely weak character in the play. Throughout the drama he behaved like a loser. Instead of taking time from Mannu’s parents to settle down in life and marry their daughter, he let her marry another guy and kept stalking her even after she became mother of two kids. That wasn’t enough then he fell for a good for nothing relationship with his secretory and couldn’t find the guts to end it.



The Annoying Secretory Character-

As if the characters were changing their mind throughout the play, the role of the secretory, played by Ayesha Khan, annoyed the audience with her repeated dialogues,” Mere tou Maa baap b nai hen”. This dialogue became quite famous on social media so in reaction Ayesha Khan has to write an explanation of her character on her social media account. In the Play she set her heart on Salahuddin and kept chasing her which involved countless schemes and lies. In the second last episode this character finally committed suicide and let us live in peace. She cut her wrist because she thought she killed Salahuddin, when he drinks the poison she plans to give Mannu.



The cunning-Jack of all games- servant character-

I guess writer was hallucinating while writing the script of the play, an evil servant who used to starve his old boss on the death bed on the orders of the house lady, suddenly turned into a loyal cat for his new boss Salahuddin. What a change of heart and script hats off, it didn’t end here the servant once again change his loyalty and went behind Salahuddin’s back to flirt with his fiance Ayesha Khan.

In the last episode, which went on air few minutes ago, writer decided to give us a happy ending so Mannu and Salahuddin finally got together after a lifetime of chasing and stalking and what not. The major lesson learnt from this play was let your kids marry out of their own choice otherwise they will turn into a loner-stalker like Salahuddin and a non-stop-crying-sadist-freak like Mannu.