23 Evidences That Confirm We’re Living In The Future

1)There’s an App which translates in real time 

Business Insider

2)And a spoon meant to help those with disabilities

Self-leveling robotic spoon for people with disabilities


3)There are highlighters that takes notes in real time.


4)Augmented reality games are a thing

Augmented Wall Climbing Pong!

5)Bathrooms with smart glass that obscures the bathroom when you lock it exist

The Wondrous




6)Tattoos can be removed like this

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7)Prosthetics have never been better.

8)128 MB has become 128 GB


9)It wasn’t too long when 8MB seemed like a ton.

10)Harry Potter-esque ads in subway



11)3D print of an unborn child are now tangible.


12)All this being done with a green screen.


13)All this fits in your pocket now


14)The stair climbing wheelchair


15)We have amazing Jet-Packs 

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16)All while N64 sits in a Museum


17)Same with the original I-POD


18)Teens born after 9/11 are in high school


19)The Magical Camera 

Highest resolution picture in the world 365 Gigapixels

20)The Tv’s straight out of the year 3030 

The future is here.

21)Patrick Hardison  who received a face transplant a few years ago?This is him now:

ABC News

22)You can get a camera for an eye.


23)Messages can be sent through laser now