Five Weird Celebrities of Pakistan

Hard work, pure talent and dedication are not the only reasons you can make it to celebrity status in our country. Sometimes just being a little strange is all you need to rise to fame. Examples are:

1. Taher Shah


Taher Shah rose to fame (or rather sent the entire nation into disbelief) with his first release “Eye to Eye”. His claim to fame is the lyrics of this song which make no sense at all. Read this:

“Keep your love in the soul
Make love with eye to eye
Your fairs and glorious eyes
I can see with my spectrum eyes”

Despite these nonsensical lyrics, his website claims “I try my tremendous best with thoughtful dedication to make a unique classic epic song and video. I wrote the lyric’s with the vision to love one’s especially express and convey the feelings of marvelous love to each other with “EYE TO EYE”.
With this, Taher Shah became the laughing stock of the nation but his confidence is commendable that despite getting severe jibes and comments from the nation on “Eye to Eye”, he produced a second song this year called “Angel to Angel”. This song is even more absurd than the first one with him being featured dressed as a fairy in purple.


2. Waseem Hassan Sheikh

Waseem Hassan Sheikh’s Facebook profile claims that he is an actor, producer and director.

Waseem Hassan Sheikh


And we cannot deny that since he really does it all. He produces and directs commercials, and acts in them as well. The strange part is that these advertisements despite being serious are too funny. With concepts such as of the famous ad for Kit Kat Talcum powder in which he collides with a girl, sending her bag toppling to the floor from which a bottle of Kat Talcum powder emerges. He looks at it and says “Axcuse me aap bhi?”. Then there is the advertisement of an electronics shops where electronic items are sold on installments and he is pushed by his wife to purchase them for his sister in law’s wedding.


3. Wakar Zaka

He is full of attitude, ego and it looks like he is vying for female attention all the time.

Waqar Zaka

His claim to fame are his two shows “Living no the edge” and “Sabse Himmat waala kon?” In which he dared people to do different types of stunts. But instead of promoting daring people our society’s youth used this show as a chance to get their two minutes of fame on TV.

4. Meera

Meera is the second celebrity on this list who made it into our list of weirdness because of senseless English. A single search on Google of “Meera English YouTube” will turn up a series of clips and videos of Meera’s interviews in English that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

Meera English

5. Anush Ammar

Anush is a celebrity who has recently been raised to this status for the sole reason of holding the most lavish wedding in the history of Pakistan.Yes, a plush wedding is her only claim to fame. With functions comprising from an extravagant nikkah in January to a sangeet party in July ,Disney princess themed party, yacht party and a destination wedding in Turkey, Anush Ammar rose to fame by posting countless pictures of her luxurious wedding on Instagram. The daily fashion tabloids quickly joined the bandwagon and soon the pictures was plastered all over Pakistani social media and Anush rose to fame with her own hashtag #AnushMunib.