10 Types of Girls you’ll come across in Karachi

Karachi is one of the biggest, busiest and beautiful cities of Pakistan. Blessed with the best, you will encounter the most mind-boggling places, people and events happening here. The beauty of this city is undeniable.

Well talking about beauty, the girls of Karachi are nonetheless. So be ready to be swiped off your feet in this city.

Here are the 10 types of girls you will come across in Karachi:

  1. The Mystery Girl

So you start noticing this girl in your neighbourhood. You don’t know her name or her house no. but you still run into her every day. And then one day she just disappears, and you never see her again. When and where? Nobody knows. Chances are she is godchild of Lilith who entices young boys!

  1. The Gossip Girl

This girl knows everything, I repeat EVERYTHING. She will know your pupho’s daughter’s boyfriend. From your high school grades to the last vacation you went. This girl knows it all.

  1. The ‘Rishta’ Girl

This is the girl whose only purpose in life is to get the perfect ‘rishta’. Her whole life seems like a résumé for marriage. She spends hours grooming herself, attends every khandan ki dawat and is a favourite of every aunty.

     4. The Nerd

This girl has got her head in the books. She gets straight A’s, has attended 20 MUN’s, and is ready to move to Harvard in no time. Oh! And she also likes to bake when she gets a chance from reading her chemistry books.

  1. The Scary Feminists

These girls will make sure they run you to the ground with their tears or their biased emotional dialogues, “mae larki hoon toh kya hua”, “larkian larkon sey kum nahi”.

  1. The Branded Girl

These girls are ‘The Burgers’ or ‘Daddy Princesses’. Shopping is their therapy. Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors, Victoria Secrets and Mac sey neechay toh baat he nahi hoti.

  1. The Judgmental Girls

Beware of these girls! They will judge your every move, and every breath you take. And Oh they will feel no guilt in sharing it with their friends, and let’s just not talk about the screenshots.

  1. The Tomboy Girls

These are the most fun girls to hang around with. They swear like a guy, understand all the inside jokes and never get too offended. Plus they’ve always got your back.

  1. The Coincidental Hijabi

These are the most confused girls. You see them wearing Hijab one day and the next day you spot her at a party without Hijab. These girls need a lecture from my Nani.

  1. Not all girls are made of Sugar and Spice & everything Nice

This is the girl your mother warns you about. Chances are you already know her. She is the perfect goody two shoes and everyone loves her, but she knows how to get her way. She’ll strike you with a blow that you never saw coming.

Let us know if you’ve ever come across any of these girls in Karachi.