10 Pages Which Rose To Fame in year 2016

Khabees Orat:-

This fictional character Khabees Orat from Islamabad has trolled the internet with her hilarious tag lines, you are ready for her or not she does not give a shit about it and this blunt character is “Not here to entertain you guys,if you find anything offensive, she has accomplished her goal”.Ladies if you want to learn KHABASAT apart from your innate taunting ability,this place will definitely help you in polishing your skills.

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Pendu Production:-

As the name suggests PENDU is for all the BUN KABABS out there who are disguised as so called BURGERS.This entertainment based page aims at promoting young talent providing them a platform to exhibit their skills.It has been ranked as Pakistanis 9 gag, and it is connecting Punjabi’s from all around the world.The mastermind behind this page is not an ordinary man but his posts adheres to mind of a common man.


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Pak Whatsapp:-

If you want to know about the latest news and updates ,then its time to hit that like button. They will provide you with all the latest videos and “Yeh Hila Ker Rakh Dainge Bhai”

Mango People:-

“Aam Awaam Ka Page Hai Yeh Bhai” for all the AWAAM-UN-NAAS out there. Are you fed up of the corrupt government officials and politicians?

If yes then this page is surely there to comfort you regarding the situation,and will leave you in laughing fits with its witty and spot on humor.

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Mango Baaz:-

Catering to the burger audience around Pakistan ,MangoBaaz has taken the blog writing to the next level.This page and its content has been tagged as one of the best emerging Pakistani E-mag. People enjoy reading their posts and so that is why “Yeh Log Kabhi BAAZ Nahi Aanay Walay”

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Nothing can beat the sarcasm which comes straight out of PHUPPOS heart.This page is sure to satisfy the need of another mother in your life who is reading to talk all the freaky stuff about phuppos.

Zehreeli Chummi :- (Sab Ganda Hai Per Chalta Hai)

One of the best pages promoting vulgar content all the way from the suburbs of Peshawar. This page exists in order for you to question your own existence and think about things beyond life 😀

Nasir Khan Jan is the internet sensation who is being promoted under this page.

Nonetheless our desi Emma Watson has also landed on the ground through this forum and she has been very successful in capturing mass audience with her zehreeli voice.

Dont forget to take your zehreeli chummi on both “The Cheeks You Freaks”


Humans of Pindi:-

Lets makes some noise for the PINDI BOYS, carrying forward their organic pindi swag these peeps have won the hearts of many.From live streaming to making people laugh through their memes ,these guys have been successful in gaining a tag in the social world.

Comics By Majid (CBM)

Providing its audience with comics that are sure to make them smile.From newest to oldest jokes this page covers it all.Well the owner claims to be a guy from Karachi writing stupid stuff,and being a finance guy he did not get a kick out of it,so he taught of making this page.

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Mark ZingerBurger:-

Yes this page is one among the top 10 who were able to get recognition this year.Creating waves through its tweets and blowing the air towards their Facebook page,this has done a lot of good to them.To whoever runs this page,keep up the good work.

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